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Suppliers and Importers of Tactical, Security, Training and Airsoft Equipment
Tel: 021 555 3858   |    Email: info@gicombatsupplies.co.za

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Tac Shield 14 Piece Pistol Cleaning Kit with Case - .40/10mm
Tac Shield 14 Piece Pistol Cleaning Kit with Case - .40/10mm
Shipping & Returns


GI Combat Supplies offers the following shipping options within the Republic of South Africa only:

  • Collection (Cape Town, SA.)
  • Courier Service – Some products need to be shipped via a Courier Service.
  • Special Arrangements – We are happy to make special shipping arrangements to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Please note:

  • All advertised prices exclude shipping.
  • There is a minimum shipping fee of R30.00 per order.
  • We suggest that you insure your order when not making use of the Order Collection option. (You will be asked if you wish to insure your order when placing your order.)
  • Once you have placed your order, we will confirm your order and notify you of the relevant shipping charges.
  • Orders are only shipped once payment has been received in full.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries at all:

Email: info@gicombatsupplies.co.za
Tel: 021 555 3858
Fax: 086 750 8209


GICS does not accept any returns unless it falls under a valid damaged goods or warranty claim.

GICS will consider any other return requests solely at its discretion.

Should GICS agree to accept the return of any goods, the customer shall be liable to pay a handling charge of not less than 10% of the invoice price of the goods returned.


GICS is committed to offering quality products that are covered by a warranty against manufacturer’s defect – not use and abuse. We reserve the right to inspect any warranty claim and reject claims which do not fall under a valid manufacturers defect claim.

While we wish to offer the best service possible to our clients, any problem reports/claims made after 24 hours of sale/receipt of the product(s) will not be valid and will be considered solely at GICS’s discretion.

We reserve the right to check and inspect all warranty claims with the option of repairing, replacing or offering store credit to the value of the product.

If a customer is not able to return goods to our premises in person, the customer is to return the goods to GICS at their own cost for inspection. If it is found to be a valid warranty claim, GICS will refund the cost of shipping to the customer. We strongly suggest that you contact us before shipping returns to us as many issues are easily resolved and do not need to be returned. GICS will not refund the cost of shipping if goods are unnecessarily returned to us.

Due to the mechanical nature of Airsoft devices, we are able to offer a limited mechanical warranty for a period of 3 months after purchase.

Customers must please bare in mind that Airsoft devices do by nature have certain common issues which occur from time to time regardless of quality or brand of the device. An example of this would be the “Locking Up” of AEG Gearboxes which can occur to any AEG at any time. We strongly suggest that  the end user familiarises themself with the general operating and common trouble shooting procedures and issues common to airsoft devices before making a purchase as many issues are considered maintenance issues and can be easily resolved by the user.

Airsoft Devices use a number of small consumable parts, such as o-rings, rubber seals, pistons and valves which perish and wear over time. These parts may simply require maintenance or replacing and are considered minor maintenance issues and are not considered as faults covered under warranty.

Note on "Chinese Made" AEG’s:

Due to the inconsistent nature of Chinese Manufactured AEG’s (CYMA, A&K, JG, Dboys/Kalash etc.) we cannot guarantee that these AEG’s will be supplied with a battery and charger as is traditionally the case. If a battery and charger is supplied with the item from the manufacturer, it will be supplied to the customer. However we cannot be held accountable for these items if they are not supplied to us from the manufacturer.

We can also not guarantee the quality or reliability of batteries and/or chargers supplied with AEG’s. These items are generally of poor quality and intended as a beginner package. As a result no warranty claim can be made on batteries and chargers supplied from the manufacturer as part of a package deal. We always recommend the use of a quality charger and battery with AEG’s.

Any warranty claim on the internal working parts of an Airsoft device is subject to the item being checked by our workshop technical staff. Any warranty will be void if it is found that the internal parts have been modified or tampered with in any way by anybody other than the GICS Workshop.

Airsoft devices are designed to be used with 6mm or 8mm Plastic BB Pellets only. The use of aluminium, glass or ceramic BB’s, steel or alloy ball bearings will void any warranty on Airsoft devices purchased from GICS.

We suggest that you read the instructions carefully before using any product(s). Should you find that any product(s) that you purchased from GICS are damaged or have problems of any other nature, please contact us within 24 hours of receipt of the relevant product(s) for immediate action.

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